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Preparing Your Rental Property For Pressure Washing

Preparing Your Rental Property For Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a highly effective means to rejuvenate your rental property and enhance its aesthetic appeal. As a responsible property owner, it is important to undertake certain measures to ensure that your rental property is well-prepared for pressure washing, given the process can be both time-consuming and expensive. To facilitate your preparations for our superior pressure washing services, we offer the following tips:

If you require further guidance on preparing your rental property for pressure washing, please feel free to contact us at 770-744-0996.

Seal All Entrances

To prepare your rental property for pressure washing, it is crucial to ensure that all doors and windows are firmly sealed. Since pro pressure washing entails the use of high-pressure water sprays, it is essential to prevent any water from seeping inside the rental property. Prior to the arrival of our pressure washing team, it is advisable to inspect that all windows and doors are closed and securely sealed.

Remove Obstacles

The next step is to clear away any obstructions that could hinder the movement of our pressure washing crew. These may include toys, sports equipment, planters, and other objects that could impede the cleaning process. By removing such obstacles, our team can work more efficiently and thoroughly, thus ensuring that your rental property is immaculately cleaned.

Notify Your Tenants

Pressure washing is a noisy and disruptive process that may cause undue alarm among your tenants when they see unfamiliar people working on the property. To avoid any confusion or concerns, it is advisable to inform your tenants beforehand of our scheduled arrival. This will enable them to prepare for the anticipated noise and disturbance, and it may also help prevent any potential accidents or damages.

Keep Your Pets And Kids Indoors

During the building washing process, we employ equipment that may pose a significant risk to people or pets. Even though we use the safest and most efficient techniques, it is imperative to take precautions to ensure everyone's safety. We therefore request that you keep your children and pets indoors for the duration of the pressure washing session. They will be allowed outside again almost immediately after the work is complete.

Leave The Best Contact Number

Lastly, it is essential to provide us with your best contact number to enable us to reach you in case of any emergencies. While we strive to work independently and avoid causing any inconvenience or problems, unforeseen accidents can still happen, hence the need to be prepared. Please ensure that you leave us with the most reliable contact number, particularly if you plan to be away from the rental property.

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